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Time flies, along with the development of Time passes very quickly., are agriculture and animal husbandry, with the pace of the advance of history, the people of agriculture and animal husbandry Co. Ltd. has gone through ten years of glorious history. People are the people of the construction company, the company raised the people who are determined to "keep pace with the times, build fast, innovation, unremitting self-improvement" spirit of people, and has formed a complete set of management system, value concept and operation mechanism, create a dare to fight tough battles, cadres and workers. The annual New Year weather, climbed the peak, made two brilliant social and economic benefits.
In order to realize and implement the development strategy of the company, our company "green" division was formally established, the strategic plan for the company to achieve the production of organic green pollution-free pork, fine boar wings to fly the prelude, we will fully implement the "people" as the main body of the brand strategy, and continuously improve product quality, accelerate the development of the pace of.
The road to development in the future, we will continue to implement the "serve the people, honesty is positive, with the idea of a first-class, first-class quality, first-class technical services in China pig industry" business purpose, adhere to the "do better today than yesterday, tomorrow than today do better" philosophy efforts to provide a full range of quality services to customers. Taking "diversification group" as the orientation and "professional management and rational management" as the means, enterprises will soon achieve the transition from "economic" to "life oriented".
The development of the people of the growth of the company, gather all leaders at all levels of support and encouragement, cannot do without the understanding and support of the vast number of friends from all walks of life, more cannot do without the masses of old and new customers over the years of care and love. Here, I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and respect, at the same time, look forward to continuing to give care and support for people of the company.
However, in the future, is filled with a thousand regrets. In the face of the growing demand for the quality of pig and meat products in the market, hope and difficulties intertwined, opportunities and challenges coexist. We have honed dare Ganpin cadres and workers, has accumulated over the years of the formation of innovative mechanisms and systems, there are constantly new reserves, with high-quality technical personnel, who are the high spirited attitude and new style, seize opportunities, meet challenges, accelerate development, create brilliant century!
Welcome the leaders and colleagues from all walks of life to visit and guide the work of the people of animal husbandry, the people were to negotiate business.
Finally, I wish you all the best.