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Henan Minzheng Farming Co., Ltd.  is located in Yiyang County of Henan province Lian Zhuang Xiang Ma Hui Cun, is a new board listed company, stock code: 832132, around the mountains surrounded by fresh air, convenient transportation, surrounding industrial and mining enterprises, quiet environment, away from the main trunk Road, forming a natural ecological barrier. The enterprise is established in accordance with the modern enterprise system, which is the Limited by Share Ltd for breeding and selling pigs, selling and planting ecological agriculture.
Founded in August 2003, it is a large agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise that mainly produces and sells pigs, commercial pigs, organic fruits, agricultural products and technology services. The company's spirit of innovation, development, safety, efficiency of the spirit of enterprise, through unremitting efforts, so that the quality of development, business benefits are companies, market reputation has become the industry leader! The capital of the company 91 million 500 thousand shares of the total market value of 780 million yuan, the new board, the company has more than 300 employees, including senior (Senior livestock technician, senior veterinary officer) 28 people, 1 doctoral students, 3 graduate students, 36 undergraduate, high school 148 people, more than 100 people for migrant workers. Management has more than 10 years of management experience, technical personnel have more than 3 years of work experience. The company occupies a total area of 1 acres, the construction area of 50 square meters, more than 8500 years of sow herds, slaughter 150 thousand pigs, of which 50 thousand pigs. A project of breeding base has invested 120 million yuan; the two phase of the project investment of 150 million yuan, high standard construction, farming equipment by a large number of foreign advanced high-tech products, has been completed and put into production in March 2016; the three phase of the project investment of poverty alleviation precise farming district 50 million, completed and put into production in August 2016; the four phase of the project investment 30 million yuan, put into operation in February 20, 2017; the five phase of the project investment 40 million yuan, put into operation in 2017 September; the six phase, the seven phase of the project in process of construction.
The company invested heavily in combination with ecological industry chain has been planting, planting fruit trees (Chinese prickly ash, walnut trees more than 50000 pieces of more than 23000 pieces, more than 5000 pieces of peach and pear apricot plum, more than 8000 pieces of more than 3000 pieces), implementation of manure scientific remediation, into efficient organic fertilizer topdressing ecological orchard, to achieve circular economy ecology the road of sustainable development. The company has won many honors such as the first class pig farms in Henan, the national pig standardization demonstration farm, the national pig reserve base, the key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Henan Province, and the certification of pollution-free livestock products in Henan.
The company invested heavily to carry out long-term breeding and modern management work: the measurement of all the introduction, production of pig with B type ultrasonic backfat, determination system uses American advanced automatic production performance of pigs, establish and perfect the basic file using the GBS pig; breeding systems in the world to carry out advanced breeding work, implement all the crowd was determined after training, the boar graded. At present, the quality of pig breeding has been sold to Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Shandong, and many other domestic provinces, "people" pig with its excellent performance, good pre-sale, sale, customer service service has been recognized by our customers, has become a well-known brand of domestic pigs. The company makes use of comprehensive and comprehensive pollution control facilities, and develops organic fruits and vegetables and organic grain crops, and is really on the road to the development of circular economy in the combination of agriculture and breeding. Companies adhering to the "service for the people, good faith is" business purpose, to make healthy food into thousands of households "for the mission, is committed to the production of food safety, maintenance of public health, the health quality of pigs, good quality of organic fruits and vegetables, the health and safety of the organic food is agriculture and animal husbandry are miscellaneous Limited by Share Ltd returns to society and country the results! The company insists on talents as the basis and technology as the guide, relying on the animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute of Henan University of Science and Technology, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Provincial Agricultural University, China Agricultural University and Henan epidemic control center as the technological support, and striving to create the first class agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises in China. The cause will also sail platform more broad future are you more exciting......