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People are farmers and herdsmen all Mid-Autumn Festival

Author: Published:2016-09-16 Views:21260

  The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, in the family reunion days, I wish the family and the general public are concerned about the people are happy holidays! As the second largest traditional festival in China next only to the Spring Festival, every day on this day, people always feel the deepest thoughts in my heart. Therefore, on this special day, a blessing with strong love and greetings can narrow the distance between himself and his relatives and feel himself with his relativesand friends. Moon children round, full of friendship, moon cake round, family reunion, Mid-Autumn Festival, to send a wish, happy life, good health, work well, all the best, work together, work together to build a better tomorrow. Sincerely wish, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Mid-Autumn Festival benefits

Smile filled

Staff dinner

Tea party, pk games