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Mid-Autumn Festival celebrate happy, people are rejoice up and down

Author: Published:2017-10-04 Views:23479

    Mid-Autumn Festival, October 4, 2017 On the evening of the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, people in Minzhong conducted dinner events on the farm-site respectively. The event was arranged by employees themselves and the hands-on participation Activities have a general sense of the scene, dinner scene is more crowded, crowded.

         Due to the particularity of the pig industry, most employees can only stick to their posts during this reunion festival. There is no way to go home and reunite with their loved ones, but the Mid-Autumn Festival is not alone. The small table brings together everyone Laughter and laughter, a collection of each employee's autumn homesickness, warm meals warm human feelings, while allowing everyone to feel the warmth from the Founder family. The field directors expressed their deep gratitude to each and every employee through the warm atmosphere and the glass in his hand. Each wine glass envelops not only the drinks but also the most sincere wishes. During the double festival coincides with the birthday of several employees, the company has booked a birthday cake, with today's special moment together with everyone toast to celebrate their birthday, all the staff at the dinner scene is for their loud chorus birthday song, The warm and lively atmosphere to the climax, so that everyone spent an unforgettable night.



    As the saying goes, the sea is born in the moon, the end of the world. At this time, in this symbol of harvest harvest, let us together toast, work together and help each other, and constantly promote the company's work to a new level, and the people are going hand in hand to a better Tomorrow



    Years of love is similar, different years. Finally, on behalf of the company, I hereby extend my best wishes to all our staff and wish you all a happy holiday, good family and good health!