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Minzheng farming and animal husbandry: poverty alleviation industry built from poverty "backing"

Author: Published:2016-10-12 Views:5900


Since the beginning of this year, Lianzhuang Town, Yiyang County has adopted the farming model of "company + base + poor households", effectively driving the poor households to get rid of poverty and building poverty-stricken "backing" for poor households. At present, the first poverty alleviation and breeding plot in the county, which is invested and constructed by Henan Minzheng Farming Co., Ltd., has been completed. The first poor families have been engaged in aquaculture here.


The poverty alleviation and breeding area with a total investment of 10 million yuan, a total of 10 fully automated standard pigsty built, each pig can breed 1000 pigs. Poor households and Minzheng Farming and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. signed an interim subsistence agreement and contracted pig farms. The Company implemented unified management of impoverished households, unified sales and settlement, and undertook all the risks to ensure that the annual income of poor households reached 60,000 yuan.