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New Year Happy New Year is entering 10,000 homes

Author: Published:2017-01-21 Views:11725

   January 21, 2017, Yixian County Gaocun Township play Liguan, Xiao Lugou village committee compound lively, big guy around a group of pig farmers laughter. It turned out that people are farming and animal husbandry for everyone to send love New Year come. Enterprises have a heart of gratitude, neighbors have the meaning of praise. Small move closer to each other between the heart and heart.

   Nominating farmers and herdsmen neighbors will be thumbs up. As a leading aquaculture enterprise in Yiyang County, not only has it provided opportunities for employment at the door of enterprises, but also has driven one side to get rich through "company + modern farm". Every year, the Spring Festival is the love of farming and animal husbandry goods are with the slightest feeling that big fellow feel warm heart.

  "Serving the people, integrity is positive" business philosophy has been deep into every person's heart. Development of enterprises to benefit society is Minsheng leader's inner mission. The development of the people can not be separated from the support of the community. On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, the people of Zhengnong, Farming and Metaphysics, paid tribute to the fellow villagers and the social friends concerned about the development of the people and livestock farming in Yiyang County.