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Governor Chen Run-child come to Minzheng farming and animal husbandry research precise poverty alleviation work

Author: Published:2017-02-05 Views:34263

  "Minzheng farming and animal husbandry companies in helping farmers get rid of poverty and innovation model, eco-green recycling agriculture has done the forefront of the industry, it is commendable." At the beginning of the new year, Chen Ruier, deputy provincial party secretary and governor, said with deep feeling in the third poverty alleviation and breeding area where farmers and herdsmen in Yiyang are being farmers and herdsmen.

    On February 5, Chen Run-er, deputy provincial party secretary and governor, went deep into the investigation and guidance of the Third Poverty Alleviation and Migration Area in Minzheng County. Yuan Yongxin, deputy secretary of Luoyang Municipal Government, Yang Tingjun, secretary general of Municipal Party Committee, An Yingfang, secretary of Yiyang County Party Committee, Zhang Hanjian, magistrate and Zhang Lijuan, deputy magistrate. During the investigation, Zhang Minwei, chairman of Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Association, and Qin Shufa, head of the third poverty alleviation and farming district of Minzheng, accompanied the chairman of Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. with his work report on company development, production and management and industrial poverty alleviation.


   The chairman said in the report that Minzheng Farming and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. was listed on the new third board in 2015 and four large-scale farms in Yiyang County, slaughtering 150,000 pigs and commercial pigs each year and 6 pig farms under construction. In recent years, under the guidance of its superiors, the Company has decided to implement the industrial poverty alleviation model of "company + base + poor households". In order to effectively promote the poverty-stricken households to get rid of poverty and achieve mutual benefits and win-win benefits for enterprises and poor households, Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is an innovative model in helping farmers to get out of poverty. The first is that contracted pig farms are contracted by the Company to rural households, In addition to the steady income of government rent, as well as farming income and planting income, the Company implements "eight unified management" for peasants. Each pigyard can breed 1,000 pigs and raise 2.5 batches each year with a total annual output of 2,500 heads. Net increase of 100 kg per head, weight gain by 0.4 yuan / kg, each pig out of a pig income 40 yuan. Each household can achieve net income of 100,000 yuan. If you do not meet the technical requirements such as the ratio of meat and other enterprises, the company implemented a profit guaranteed income of farmers 60,000 yuan, to ensure that farmers earn no compensation; has been signed with 12 poor households in custody agreement, the next three years will be building farming and animal husbandry 20 poverty alleviation and breeding communities are expected to bring more than 1,000 farmer households. Second, set up a "virtual post", Minzheng farming and animal husbandry companies to set up "virtual jobs" for poor households, while the company uses the state poverty alleviation loans for poor households policy, loan 20 million yuan, the government subsidies 100 million yuan, through the placement of poor people employment (55 in Mahui Village and 47 in Hongyan Village, Jianhe County) increased by 3,000 yuan per capita for 376 poor people in 102 households, realizing the entire village out of poverty in two natural villages. Three arrangements for poor workers, provided by the company jobs, to absorb the poor people to work in the company to achieve stable income. At present, it has led 27 poor people, each with an annual increase of more than 24,000 yuan. Fourth, Dahongpao Zanthoxylum bungeanum is cultivated. Each poor household can lease 20 mu of land around the breeding plot to grow pepper. The company is responsible for recycling and drives the poor households to shake off poverty and get rich.

   After listening to the chairman's work report, Governor Chen showed a satisfactory smile on his face and asked with great interest the company's epidemic prevention, marketing and sales issues. The chairman answered all his questions one by one. Governor Chen learned that the company has been listed on the new three-board system. Yiyang County is a national-level poverty-stricken county. The Agricultural Development Fund of the Ministry of Finance (Zhongyuan Lianchuang) actively participated in the increase of the shares of Minzheng Farming and Animal Husbandry, and strongly supported Minzheng's farming and animal husbandry development of. Governor Chen praised the local model of financial assistance for poverty alleviation and the establishment of a shareholder of Nongkai Fund. He said that a series of financial anti-poverty policies have been promulgated by the Central Government and the province. In the counties, enterprises should make full use of their policies and make bold innovations so that poor households can enjoy more benefits.

   Afterwards, Governor Chen and his entourage visited the pigsty of modernized poverty alleviation and breeding district. See the company supporting the environmental protection facilities, automatic wet and dry separation machine, 6000 cubic anaerobic reaction tank, 60,000 cubic meters of sedimentation tank. Biogas residue made of organic fertilizer, biogas slurry by the sedimentation tank free of charge to the surrounding farmers irrigation. Biogas slurry can cover the surrounding 1,000 acres of land for farmers to save production costs, increase farmers income. Ecology and recycling agriculture not only protect the environment but also save resources and generate benefits, so as to realize the comprehensive utilization of waste.

   Governor Chen said that in the rapid development of the company must make good environmental protection measures, this is a big deal, sloppy! People are farming in the ecological cycle of agriculture in this regard to do a good job! This model is worth widely promoted! And comfort to say: to get rid of poverty in rural areas rely on industrial development, industry development is inseparable from the leading enterprises to promote, we must fully rely on the leading agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises to drive millions of households to lift poverty; the local poor households through leading enterprises, not only found A good way to get rid of poverty and prosperity has also boosted the development of enterprises and is the result of mutual benefit and win-win. It is a great thing! Local poverty-stricken households find ways to get rid of poverty and get rich through Mudan farming and herdsmen. However, many other poor households do not find a way to get rich. They have the desire to get rich. Farmers here especially party members and cadres, Demonstration model, and then lead more poor families to find a way to get rich, as soon as possible to get rid of poverty, people just do a good job farming and animal husbandry, not only the pursuit of business efficiency, but also reflects the social responsibility!

   The chairman said that the development of Minzheng farming and animal husbandry is the result of the correct leadership and strong support of party committees and governments at all levels and the people are really grateful to them. We must redouble our efforts to promote poverty alleviation work, give full play to leading enterprises leading role! Let more poor households out of poverty!

   Lastly, Governor Chen spoke earnestly: We must continue to expand the scale of production and breeding, do a good job in recycling agriculture, raise farmers' income, further improve market precision and enhance the market competitiveness of our products. Thank you, I wish you a Happy New Year!