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Minzheng is a vice director of farming area competition: I can do a good general

Author: Published:2017-08-06 Views:16739

At 19:00 on August 16, 2017, Minzheng Farming Co., Ltd. solemnly held a competition for producing the first vice-chief of second-tier production in a conference room in the district. The competition was presided over by a statistical Li Hui and the assistant to the general manager Li Huiyun led the executive funding team, second-line manager Qin Shufa, Yuan Kai-feng, director of the production department president Ping Ping Ping Ping, and an employee participated in the competition.


The meeting began with Mr. Li's speech, fully affirmed the organization of the post competition activities, followed by the company's three-year development plan and objectives, personnel training plan for a simple exposition, made it clear that the company's growth and development need all employees go hand in hand, the company Based on the attitude of being responsible to investors and all employees, we will optimize the talent promotion system to provide an open, equal and rigorous development platform for staff promotion, so as to fully improve and exert the staff's abilities so as to enable the talent development in people's livelihood Platform to achieve personal value and career planning.


Then Qin manager announced the purpose of this competition is to establish a scientific and reasonable employee promotion channels, explore potential employees, the establishment of corporate echelon, reflecting the company "can be on, the flat let, under the mediocre" of Employment mechanism, motivate employees through continuous learning, improve their self-cultivation, work ability and other special organized the bidding activities. The competition will be carried out in accordance with the following three principles: First, fair, open and fair, two, both efficiency and effectiveness, three, two-way choice, both ability and political integrity, preferential employment. Finally, Qin announced the competitive bidding process: contestants' speeches → on-site interviews → aggregate scores → announce the results and carried out sincere encouragement to the contestants. They hope that the contestants can break themselves and dare to show their courage.


The competition of a total of six players, namely: Zhao Yao, Yi Zhenlong, Wang Meng, Kang Yun, Liang Junhui, Guo Chuan Bin. The so-called "do not want to be a soldier is not a good soldier," six players to "how to do a good field director" as the theme, from the herd management, personnel management, cost management several aspects of their respective lectures and On the production of professional knowledge and management methods, combined with the actual situation of the field put forward their own views and suggestions, to play their respective directors.


Zhao Yao was born in 1999 and joined Minzheng in February 2017. Although he is the youngest, Zhao courageously and courageously took the first step in his career and deserved everyone's respect. With the development of the company, Yi Zhenlong has witnessed the progress and improvement in all aspects of the company's production and operation and accumulated rich work experience. His role in handling and cost management awareness is an indispensable quality for current managers. This opportunity also has a new room for improvement for his career. Wang Meng to technical expertise, but through this opportunity in management positions also made new breakthroughs and exercise, I believe in the future technical management will have his useless. His clear logical thinking ability and planning ability fully demonstrated his outstanding personal style. Liang Junhui shared before the difficult entrepreneurial experience, so that we draw a lot of thinking. Guo Chuanbin practical and pragmatic in the frontline has played a very good lead role in doing anything to focus on the details of the various stages of herd management focused on the chest.


Finally, Li made 6 comments and face-to-face communication to the contestants, affirmed and appreciated the merits of the contestants. At the same time, he also pointed out the shortcomings of the contestants in competitions in career management and gave suggestions on the development direction and ability of the contestants in the future Out of their own suggestions and guidance. Emphasize that the future development of enterprises is inseparable from the excellent talent, the company in accordance with the law of 28 outstanding selection of competent leaders, also welcomed the idea, have a dream, daring to fight young people to join the company, the company injected fresh The blood, and the company with the development, a total of progress. Before the competition ended, Mr. Li specifically pointed out the importance of environmental protection. He called on all staff to start from their posts and start from their posts. They strictly controlled the disposal of waste and the disposal and classification of medical waste according to standard procedures.


According to the competition process will be followed by competition for candidates one by one interview, in the form of questions and answers on the quality managers have to ask questions, communicate, explore. Interview will be combined with the voting information selected, interview records, the final evaluation comments, will be submitted to the appointment. Whispering who, please look forward to!

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