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Minzheng Farming and France Copley Group reached a signing cooperation

Author: Published:2017-05-24 Views:3243

  On the morning of May 24, 2017, Mr. Zhang Shuwei, chairman of Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and Emmanuel Dardois, the chief executive officer of Cognex Group in China, signed a cooperation agreement in the office of Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Corporation. 

   France Copley Group is the largest French pig breeding company with nearly 50 years of experience in the pig industry, is a breeding pig, pig farm construction design and construction, farm technical support, animal health, animal nutrition, environmental management and slaughtering and processing And the integration of operational leading enterprises.

   The cooperation will be based on the strategic development advantages of both parties and will start a number of cooperation projects, including the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership, technology exchange, contract introduction and breeding, gene pool sharing and other projects. After the cooperation is reached, we will demonstrate and share the most healthy and high quality pig breeding gene in France through the platform of Minsheng. On the one hand, it is of practical significance to build the Masonry and Animal Husbandry Breeding system, optimize the population and increase the productivity of production. On the one hand, through the creation of both sides in the industry market, establishing innovative management and cooperation mode and promoting the operation and development of pig farms, Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry is expected to share advanced management and technology with the industry and explore new ideas of fine and standardized farm management . In the future, we will also cooperate with more excellent breeding companies in the world so that we can make direct and efficient use of these high-quality genes and make due contributions to the healthy development of the industry and the acceleration of the improvement of China's swine breeds.


   Lastly, chairman of Minzheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry said: The signing of the strategic cooperation is only the beginning. The development of Minzheng farming and animal husbandry is changing with each passing day. In order to meet the strategic planning of the company and enhance its core competitiveness, we must broaden our minds and open-mindedly and learn from the world and industries The essence of advanced technology management, for the expansion of enterprises to provide both soft and hard to ensure that this cooperation as an opportunity, the future we will spare no effort, innovation and development.