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Minzheng Farming third successful introduction of the United States

Author: Published:2017-06-18 Views:3296

At 18:30 on June 18, 2017, US Atlas airborne special cargo aircraft arrived in Changsha, Hunan Huanghua International Airport, marking the Henan Minzheng Farming Co., Ltd. (Securities referred to: Minzheng farming and animal husbandry, the new third board code : 832132) The third successful introduction from the United States.

The successful introduction from the United States is the core step of the Company's five-year plan and the key work of the Company's 2017 annual production planning. It is the basis for the Company to strengthen the breeding system construction, increase the productivity and expand the scale. After the guidance of peer breeding experts, the company conducted rigorous scientific assessment of the production population. After closely screened and screened foreign strains, farms and agencies, the company introduced a plan of introduction suitable for the production needs of the company, thus ensuring the safety of the introduced pigs Excellent performance.

The breeders are all from the core group of elite purebred farms certified by the U.S. government and registered with the National Swine Registration Association. The pedigree and performance of each head of pigs are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of China. The introduced boars of each breed have multiple pedigrees, and the integrated breeding index (NSR, MLI, Duroc TSI) is not less than 120; sow comprehensive breeding index (NSR, Duroc TSI) of not less than 105 , And meet the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, which plays a crucial role in the major improvement of the Company's breeding objectives.

Breeding is Minzheng farming and animal husbandry production and development of the core! Minzheng farmers and herdsmen through the successful introduction of three times to optimize the population of genes, improve the scientific research breeding, and enhance resource protection, so that enterprises in the industry in the steady progress of change!